Haunted Elmwood Farm Near Palmyra, Missouri
The historic Elmwood Farm located on Route C a few miles outside of Palmyra is said by the current owner to be haunted by numerous spirits. Fortunately, owner Janice Dyer has conducted extensive research on the history of her property and has been able to identify several of the ghosts.
Have You Heard of The Laughing Ghost of Palmyra?
In the early part of the year 1900, Palmyra was plagued with an apparition that was witnessed by many of the town’s most distinguished citizens.
In early February of 1900, the city marshal of Palmyra, W.B. Markell, was forced to post a notice requesting that the reckless shooting that had “been indul…
Marion County Fair Schedule
Fair season is once again upon us! Below is a full schedule for this year's Marion County Fair at Flower City Park in Palmyra. For additional information, visit (or for an Adams County Fair schedule, CLICK HERE).

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