Hillary Clinton

Ugly Campaign or Not, Please Vote Today!
In what has been one of the ugliest Presidential campaigns ever, the long ordeal of persuading Americans to choose either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will end today.  No matter who wins the election to this nation’s highest office, this nation has been wounded by the process…
Who Won Last Night's Debate? (POLL)
As expected it got nasty last night in the Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both were accused of lying several times in the spectacle witnessed by some 85 million Americans from Washington University in St. Louis...
Who Won Last Night's Debate?
As expected there were plenty of soundbites that came out of last night's Presidential debate featuring Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It has been estimated that some 115-million people viewed or listened to the debate last night. If you were one of them, what did you think about the event h…
Alfred E. Newman Was Right
If you are the kind of person who worries too much you could always consult your doctor, go to a Psychologist, or maybe you should save your money and time and just read this.

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