Should Apple Provide the FBI Information? (Poll)
If you watch the news lately there are so many battles going on. Abortion protests at the Supreme Court, Donald Trump battling Republicans and the Democrats and the list goes on and on. In my mind, the most important battle happening these days is the fight between the FBI and Apple.
Quincy #13 on The Illinois Cities Crime List
I was thumbing through Facebook the other night and came across a post from rebootillinois.com which listed the 25 most dangerous Illinois cities according to Law Street Media. These are cities under 100,000 people based on the FBI's violent crime rates and Quincy is listed at number 13.
America's Top 10 List of Dangerous Cities is Out.
Forbes Magazine has released its annual “Most Dangerous Cities” list for large cities in the United States. Forbes started compiling the list with information from the FBI’s Crime Statistics database, screening cities with populations above 200,000. H…
Security System Sales Scam
Hannibal Police are warning of another scam. Police say the caller identifies himself as being affiliated with the police department or FBI and states that if you allow them to display signs in your yard, you will receive a free security system. Hannibal Police do not endorse any brand or company. N…
What State is The Healthiest?
In a story in yesterday's USA Today, Americans are living longer, with fewer deaths from heart disease and cancer, but more chronic illnesses, troubling levels of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and sedentary behavior are causes for concern. Medical advances are allowing more p…
Beware of Scams in Lewis County
The Lewis County Sheriff's Office has been receiving several complaints of attempted telephone scams recently. These scams include fraudulent claims that the person answering the phone has won unclaimed funds from the Publisher's Clearinghouse.