Deena West Budd

Do Spirits Inhabit Edina and Baring in Knox County?
Reported apparitions of a banker-type fellow, an elderly man wearing a trench coat, a young girl in a white dress and a “somber woman wearing period clothing, who has been seen staring down the street with a sad look on her face,” have all been observed by witnesses in Edina and Baring…
Are There Spirits At This Lewistown Rest Home?
Investigations conducted at the abandoned Prairie View Rest Home over the past few years by several paranormal groups in the area have revealed the sounds of footsteps on the second and third floors, old-fashioned music playing and a variety of other noises. The stairwells are reported to be especia…
Ghost Haunts Ralls County Killer to Confession
On April 15, 1890, 24-year-old John King a/k/a Mansfield King was arrested in St. Louis for horse stealing. Upon his capture, King seemed relieved and told the officers he was also a murderer and that the spirit of the man he had killed near Perry, Missouri appeared to him nightly.
Glascock Island Murders and the Haunted Rowboat
Did a ghost boat once haunt the waters of the Mississippi River near Hannibal in the early 1890’s? According to Bruce Carlson, author of “Ghosts of the Mississippi River,” many of Hannibal’s inhabitants claimed to see a large ghostly rowboat roam the waters at night from …

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