Should Chicago and Illinois Become Two States? [POLL]
Yesterday, I talked about one of the post-election inevitabilities in people declaring their intention to leave the country, yet not following through once they realize how daunting a prospect that is. Now let's discuss another inevitable post-election discussion: The disconnect between rural a…
Here are The Best Places to Celebrate Easter
With Easter Sunday arriving this Sunday roughly 80 percent of all Americans are expected to observe the holiday in some way according to the personal finance website WalletHub who has put together a list of the best and worst cities for Easter Celebrations.
Time to Expand Amtrak Routes to Hannibal and the West
It has been over a year ago when the Quincy Herald Whig, in their Five on Five feature, asked the question “Is Amtrak Passenger Rail Service Between Hannibal and Quincy a Good Idea?” The consensus over a year ago was that it is a good idea. I agreed then and I still agree now. Last year a group in H…
A Salute to John Records Landecker
When I was growing up in my home town of Pittsfield, Illinois, music was all around me. Dad played a guitar, Mom sang in the church choir and I listened to rock and roll. Of course the Beatles were a very big inspiration to me growing up. And so were the the DJs that played the tunes I listened…

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