What is a Paczki?
Growing up on the Northwest Side of Chicago, there were hundreds of shops selling these remarkable treats the day before Ash Wednesday.
If We Gain Sky West Could We Lose an Amtrak Train?
By now you have heard that the City of Quincy is reviewing options for air service for Quincy. Basically, it came down to Sky West or Boutique Airlines. The initial choice was Boutique Air but the City Council had second thoughts and has recommended Sky West to the U.S. Department of Transportation …
Are Large Music Events For You?
During some of my free time this weekend, Alta and I watched live coverage from Chicago of Lollapalooza - a huge music fest, featuring over 180 acts appearing on seven stages over four days.
The video streaming is courtesy of RedBull TV...
Should Chicago and Illinois Become Two States? [POLL]
Yesterday, I talked about one of the post-election inevitabilities in people declaring their intention to leave the country, yet not following through once they realize how daunting a prospect that is. Now let's discuss another inevitable post-election discussion: The disconnect between rural a…

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