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If We Gain Sky West Could We Lose an Amtrak Train?
By now you have heard that the City of Quincy is reviewing options for air service for Quincy. Basically, it came down to Sky West or Boutique Airlines. The initial choice was Boutique Air but the City Council had second thoughts and has recommended Sky West to the U.S. Department of Transportation …
American Airlines Discontinues Their Bereavement Policy
Things happen in life when you just have to drop what you are doing and get to a distant location as soon as possible. Usually it's an accident or death involving a family member. In those times an unplanned trip must be put together on short notice. It is for those times that the airline industry f…
Cape Air Cancelling Flight from Quincy
With the expected weather, Cape Air and Quincy Regional Airport began notifying passengers last night that the last three flights today (Tuesday, February 4) would be preemptively cancelled, according to Jarred Hester, the Quincy Regional Airport Manager.
Fly From Quincy
If  you have flown recently you know the process of getting screened at the airport. It's a evil necessity, unfortunately.  What it does is take extra time and subjects everyone to a search and sometimes a full body scan prior to boarding the aircraft.