I am sure you have heard the saying “He swore like a Russian Sailor”. Well, to most people that would not be a good thing, but we are finding out the “cutting loose” once in a while might just be very therapeutic. In a recent article in the Parade Magazine, a collaborative study at Marist College in New York and Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, people who use curse words artfully have a wider vocabulary.

Cursing people may also have health benefits for their “foul” mouth according to a 2011 study at England’s Keele University. That study shows that cursing reduces and aids in our ability to endure pain. I am living proof of that after shattering my tibia a few years ago after fouling a baseball off my leg in the batting cage.  The poor girl working at the Batting Cage got an earful when that happened (in extensive pain, I did manage to apologize to her before I left).

The Keele study also says not to overdue your normal cursing because when you really need it, the effectiveness of it just won’t be there.  So I guess I should “bank” my cursing for a special need time in the future. I'll have to try to work on that.

Caution: The audio below contains offensive comments. For adults only.