On July 18, the 13th Annual St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase wrapped up with the debut of 'Sound of Nothing' at the historic Tivoli Theatre. 'Sound of Nothing' is notable to Tri-State residents as the zombie movie shot (partially) in Edina, Missouri.

Kurt Parsons

'Sound of Nothing' has been in production for several years, according to director Chris Grega, "This process originally started in 2009 as a web series, and I was eventually convinced to make it into a feature...so it's been a long road to get to this point."

The synopsis of 'Sound of Nothing,' as presented in the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase program book, describes the movie:

Six years after the apocalypse, George and his daughter live at a secluded old farm in an attempt to hide from roving creatures, militant survivors, and their own past. But a stranger's unexpected appearance brings them out of hiding and forces the pair to confront the terrifying dangers they have spent years avoiding."

"As far as the 'sound of nothing' goes, that's what you hear after the end of civilization," said Grega, during a post-screening question-and-answer segment with the audience. "It's a genre I always liked and I wanted to do my take on it. Most zombie films kind of take place right when everything's happening. I wanted to do something was set after the event had occurred. Really, to me, it's kind of a post-apocalyptic Western, as well."

One of the first questions from an audience member was, "Where can we buy the DVD?" The answer was "nowhere...yet." Grega is considering entering 'Sound of Nothing' in various horror movie festivals, and will then look at options for distributing the film to the public.

'Sound of Nothing' was Grega's fourth feature-length film. When asked about his next project, Grega said, "I'm working on a series of short films that are very short and very intense...they're more like cinematography and directing exercises than a normal project, but it's something we're really excited about something I'm not going to talk about much more beyond that."