With the hectic summer season winding down, I can actually come up for some air and spend some time relaxing. One way I do that is to grab my fishing pole and head to my favorite little place or should I say paradise.  I could care less if I catch a fish.  I just need the time to decompress from time to time and I haven’t had much of that lately.

So off I went recently, ready to enjoy the pristine lake at Morman Park with the sounds of Mother Nature in the background and the anticipation of a beautiful sunrise to watch at the same time. It was a beautiful morning with a slight breeze as I parked my car and headed to my “spot”.


No, just leave your trash for someone else to pick up off the grass. If the "slobs" are reading this, and I hope you are, that someone was me who cleaned up after you.  I did pick up your trash in the park, but I am not sure if the trash I picked up was any different than the trash that left it there.  I had to say it. I feel better now. By the way, I caught four fish that day and life was good again!