The Quincy Police Department is currently investigating the placement of two Improvised Explosive Devices (I.E.D.) in the City of Quincy.

The first IED was found in the 1700 block of Jackson and was detonated between 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon and 2:30 Monday afternoon. The shrapnel caused some damage to a nearby home. The other was found in the 2000 block of Hampshire and was detonated prior to 8:30 p.m. Monday night. That device apparently had no materials to discharge shrapnel.

Either one of these IEDs could have caused some serious injury or even death to a person had it discharged with someone near it. This is a very serious incident and one the Quincy Police Department is not taking lightly but they can use your help. These devices are being analyzed by authorities for evidence but any information the public can provide is requested by the QPD.

If you saw a suspicious person or vehicle in those areas on Sunday and Monday or have any information about these incidents please contact the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers at 228-4474. You will NOT have to reveal your name.

Someone out there knows who did this. Knowing that the person who did this is still at large is quite disconcerting for all citizens in the City of Quincy. If you know anything, no matter how trivial it might be, please call the Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers hotline of 228-4474.

This person must be caught now before something tragic happens here.