I was driving down Broadway at 13th Street in Quincy the other day around noon when I came up to an area where a van was pulled over with a Quincy Police car behind it with its lights flashing.

There stood two officers outside their police car but protecting themselves from danger by standing behind the car doors which were open.  It was obvious to me that they perceived a serious threat to their well-being and were waiting for a backup unit to get there.

I have seen this scenario on TV many times before, but this was for real and it was happening with me right there, albeit driving by. What was going to happen next? The suspect held the key to that answer.

As I continued on, the backup police car passed by me on the way to the scene. The incident made me appreciate just what it is like to be a police officer.  They have no idea what situation they may be entering when approaching a stopped vehicle. Having not heard anything further on the incident, I assume the officers got things under control without further incident.

In witnessing about 10 seconds of this police stop it was enough to increase my anxiety and I just drove by it. Imagine facing it like police officers do each and every day. Before this episode, I had a tremendous amount of respect for our law enforcement personnel and I have even more now.

TV cops are one thing, real cops are another thing. I, for one, am glad they are here when I need one. And that’s the way I see it!