A recent post in "Things Happening in Hannibal" Facebook group had many people wondering if Hannibal would soon be getting an Arby's restaurant.

We had heard rumors of the sort, and even reached out to Arby's corporate to find out what's going on (no reply as of yet). Though a recent post on a job recruitment site has added some validity to the rumor.

Heartland Beef Inc., is the proud owner of the Arby's franchises. In a post on careerDBscomau.com, is looks like Heartland Beef Inc., is hiring a shift manager.

CareerDBscomau.com. Now, Heartland Beef, Inc. is hiring for Shift Manager tol be placed in Hannibal, MO. If you're looking for job vacancies, maybe Heartland Beef, Inc. is the right place to work. The following is information about the Shift Manager job vacancy and its requirements. Read carefully if you're really interested in Shift Manager jobs open by Heartland Beef, Inc..

As the Facebook thread progressed, councilman Michael Dobson added that the restaurant is coming to the Huck Finn Shopping Center. Mayor James Hark then confirmed that it is, in fact, coming to the old Hardee's location.

"As Councilman Dobson stated and i will confirm as well Arbys will be at the Huck Finn Hardees site. A major renovation shall begin soon," he writes.

Good news for the city of Hannibal! Enjoy those Meat Mountains!