Radio stations are places that end up collecting a lot of stuff. Some of the stuff is really neat. Some of it is not. Here's something we found that is a piece of local music history. Rod and the Satalites was a band that was popular in our area in the 1960s, and we have a very nice copy of one of their records. Something unusual about the record is that it is green, and inside the sleeve was something else we found interesting, a "live on KHMO radio" stage pass from a show at the American Legion in Hannibal. 

Anybody remember Rod and the Satalites? We were interested in playing this record, just to see how it sounds, but the one thing we couldn't find in the radio station was an actual record player! Then we did a Google search for "Rod and the Satalites" and discovered a YouTube video of someone playing this exact same record! Take a listen!