Last Saturday I was a part of a funeral procession for my good friend John Holm that weaved it's way through Quincy from the Hansen Spear Funeral Home to the burial site at Calvary Cemetery.  I couldn't help but notice just how many people were respectful enough to pull over and stop their vehicles while the procession went past them.

Here is an unknown deceased person, at least unknown to other drivers, being honored by those people.  I thought what a wonderful tribute to another human being. Oh, I have been in funeral processions before and people have pulled their cars over, but to see the massive amount of respect shown Saturday was remarkable.

I guess I noticed it more Saturday since the last funeral procession I was in was for my Mother in Kansas City and few people did the honorable thing on that day. In case you are wondering , it is not a law that you must pull over for a funeral procession.

It is just another case of why this area is one of the best in the country to raise a family and be a part of. Sure it was just another funeral, but to the people involved it wasn't and to see how respectful people were will not be forgotten.  For those who were kind enough to give up a few minutes of their day to allow us to go by Saturday, you will not be forgotten. On behalf of my friend, John Holm and his family, I say thank you!