Did you know that you can rent out a major zoo? Yes. Not a little zoo, but a big zoo!

I have been in the dark about this. I just thought you could go to the zoo, look around at the funny animals, make faces back at them and then go home with a stuffed giraffe. Things have changed since I have been there, because now you can rent the St. Louis Zoo!

Well, almost. What they mean is you can throw a party for the kids at the Zoo. And the nice zoo folks will even help you with the details. According to the St. Louis Zoo, you can at once be at the site of a Paris bistro, be at an exotic garden or on a moonlit veranda.

And if you want to get really wild, you could get married at the zoo. Brides and grooms of today are forgoing hotel ball rooms in favor of getting hitched at the zoo.

This is all new to me. I need to get out of town more.

How about a penguin as your best man?