I love everything about Christmas with the exception of one thing: REAL Christmas trees.

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My big, beautiful three fake trees are already up before  and I love it (it brings me joy). I just don't understand why anyone would want to deal with a real tree. I don't get it at all. Getting them in the house and in the stand is a huge pain and creates a huge mess. You have to make sure there is enough water every day. And when it's all over with, you have to figure out a way to get rid of it. Plus, they're a major fire hazard.

Maintaining a real tree just seems like a huge amount of added stress (and work) that I don't need or want right now. I admit, they do smell nice and that's not something I can get with my plastic version. But if you want the smell of a real tree, just get a candle.

Some families just like going to a tree farm, finding that perfect tree, cutting it down, and bringing it home. I guess I'm more of a simple, "indoorsy" person. I have a 7.5 foot pre- lit Christmas tree and for my family and I to enjoy each year and it's perfect.

So whether your tree is real or fake, I'm hopeful that it brings joy to you and your family. That's really all that matters.