As the Super Bowl nears in New Orleans, I am growing increasingly tired of Ray Lewis. I never liked the guy before and I like him less now. By the time CBS concludes it's broadcast you will have thought Lewis was the only player to have played in the game.

If it weren't for Quincy native Jack Cornell being a member of the Baltimore Ravens team, I would be pulling for the 49ers this Sunday.  Lewis is an ego maniac. It's all about him and the media loves every move and comment he makes.

Now comes word that he allegedly used an illegal substance to speed up his recovery from a torn bicep. Am I surprised? Not at all. His history has all but been forgotten. For those who don't remember, Lewis gained notoriety for his involvement in a January 2000 fight that resulted in an indictment on murder and aggravated-assault charges. In a plea agreement he pled guilty to obstruction of justice in exchange for testimony against two other defendants. Unfortunately, a stellar football career has all but wiped out the fact that someone was murdered in 2000 and he was a part of what took place.

What else will we find out about Ray Lewis?  Time will tell. Lewis has announced that the Super Bowl Game will be his last as he will be retiring from football at the conclusion of the game.

So once the game is over, whether the Ravens win or lose, the media will be all over Lewis for his "farewell to the game". It's a farewell that should have happened in 2000.