On a whim, I decided to do a search for  "Quincy, Illinois" on eBay. 936 active listings returned. There are a lot of postcards for sale, along with photos, promotional pens, hats from old businesses, and yearbooks. There are also listings for a few items that I thought were particularly interesting.


1. Jan. 1, 1877 $500 Quincy, IL- First National Bank of Gem City Business College

In the description for this item, the seller speculates that the note is a "well preserved note probably because this high denomination was unobtainable by the students." College students have no money. Some things never change.




2. 27 copies Dick Brothers Brewing Cp Quincy Il, Dick's Digest WWII New Updates

There is quite a bit of Dick's Brothers Brewing memorabilia available on eBay. That's probably not too surprising, considering Dick's Brothers was an even larger brewery than Anheuser-Busch, years ago. The pamphlets for sale in this auction published "up to the minute news," starting at Pearl Harbor.




3. 1971-72 Quincy High School Wrestlers Photo Card Quincy IL

Recognize any familiar faces in this photo?




4. 1960 St Francis Solanus Parish Quincy IL Illinois A Century of Service 1860-1960

This book appears to be in nice shape, and there's probably a ton of local history to be learned from it.