Yes...the Prince of Pork is back where he belongs, but just for a little while.

Prince Pig is his name and if you grew up in Pike County Illinois like I did, you remember the porker on the couthouse square in Pittsfield, Ill. But he has been gone for several years. Well now he is back for this one weekend only. Prince Pig was a brain child of several farmers in the area to serve notice that Pike County Illinois was the pork capital of the world. So a statue was built in his honor. He looked so majestic up there on the courthouse lawn among the lawyers and prisoners that would go by him on their way to justice. But, Pike County's reign as pork capital of the world went away. But it is still major factor in Pike County and the state of Illinois. Prince Pig will be on the couthouse lawn only for this weekend during Pike County Pig Days. Then back to wherever iron statues are placed, holding his curly tail high.