Some extremely talented high school or college baseball players will be hanging by their phone Monday waiting for "That" call to come from a Major League team.  Yes, the Major League Baseball Amateur Draft begins Monday and can be seen on the MLB TV Network.Draft day always reminds me of my own playing days when New York Met's scout, Ed Charles, told my college coach to let me know that I was on his "radar" for the upcoming draft. Well, when the draft day arrived, I was glued to the phone waiting for it to ring.

I knew I would be a long shot. Unfortunately, that call never came. Sure it was disappointing, but just to be considered was something I have always kept with me.  I am sure there will be a few Quincy University and Prospect League players making sure their cell phones are charged in hopes of getting a call soon. What a thrill that would be if the call comes.

It's not unusual to see several players play a couple of games in the Prospect League and then leave the team to join a Major League franchise elsewhere usually in the Rookie League.  That's a testimonial to the type of talent that plays on the Gems and in the Prospect League.

I always love draft time in baseball because it brings back some great memories of playing baseball on a high level, just not the level I had hoped for.