Halloween is one of the most fun holidays for kids, and it goes without saying that with kids dressed up in costume and running around at night, it can potentially be a little dangerous. Please, if you are driving around tonight, pay extra close attention to the costumed ghosts and goblins around you.

If you are going trick-or-treating tonight, bring along a flashlight and maybe a few glow sticks so that drivers can see you better. And if you are a driver, just take extra precaution and make sure you are NOT ON YOUR PHONE. Might want to go a few miles per hour under the speed limit to (especially in residential neighborhoods). Just make sure that everyone stays safe tonight and has a good time.

I know my girls will be bringing along a few glow sticks and little flashlights this evening. I know they can get excited and they can forget that these streets are not closed and cars will still be driving by. I have had to grab them quickly a few times just to be safe.

So play it extra safe tonight whether you are driving or walking around. Stick to sidewalks if you can and don't run. Oh, and remember that sharing is caring, so maybe give mom and dad some of your candy before bed. Just a suggestion.