In Wednesday's Herald-Whig there was a wonderful column written by Ed Husar about a retired teacher who played "Taps" at a recent military funeral. Beth Young is that retired teacher who feels strongly that "Taps" needs to be played live at Military funerals as a sign of respect.  

The problem is there are very few bugle players in the area, and nationwide, available to play "Taps." As a result, the military has been forced to play recorded versions of "Taps" at many funeral sites. According to the article, Young doesn't like that trend and believes veterans deserve the real thing for serving their country and not the recorded version.

It takes 24 notes to play "Taps" and I can't help but think that someone currently playing trumpet in a high school band couldn't also learn to play a bugle and play "Taps" when needed. In talking to local trumpet player Jeff Schuecking, the conversion from trumpet to bugle would "not be that difficult."

Schools nationwide should allow these students to be able to leave class to perform this somber tribute. Their availability, when others aren't, would certainly be welcomed. Playing "Taps" live at a veteran's funeral is the right thing to do and it needs to happen.