The first Tri-States Biggest Giveaway of the summer is underway and someone is about to win a Jamaican vacation! Here's the full list of qualifiers...

Jay Abernathy
Brittany Allen
Chad Arment
Shane Arnold
Vicki Arnold
Caleb Arnsman
Will Aubuchon
Lynn Ayres
Kari Barry
Mandy Baze
Jacob Beaber
Todd Borgstadt
Jessica Brannan
Todd Breuer
Emma Brewer
Rhonda Buxman
Chris Calhoun
Jessica Carroll
Kristen Case
Michael Cassidy
Laura St. Clair
Aaron St. Clair
Kodey Dark
Rhiannon Dieker
Matthew Dietrich
Patty Doyle
Jennifer Duesterhaus
Dustin Edwards
Tina Edwards
Mike Entrup
Leish Friday
Tad Gallagher
Emily Gallaher
Tony Griffin
Allison Hamm
Leanne Hausdorf
Debbi Henderson
Mike Henderson
Julie Herring
Maria Houston
Brooke Hunsaker
Christina Hunt
Taylor Jackson
Melanie Jenkins
Gabe Johnson
Kristen Johnson
Rich Johnson
Sheri Johnson
Eugene Clark Jr.
Diane Juette
Tammy Kaufman
Erin Klitz
Chris Koltzenburg
Lisa Leckbee
Andriana Longobardi
Lynn Mann
Kris Mast
Lauren Mating
Judy Matthews
Lacie McClelland
Heather McGuire
Shain McKinney
Ashley Meyer
Lori Miller
Carrie Mixer
Josh Mock
TJ Neisen
Bre Neisen
Tim O'Dear
Rose Pillars
Ken Poulsen
Courtney Reed
Janet Reno
Kolby Rife
Kylie Rigs
Ellie Robbins
Dustin Robbins
Lisa Schwartz
Jayme Seiz
Lynn Sharrow
Jeff Sibbing
Lori Smyser
Tim Spencer
Chris Starnes
Teresa Still
Torrie Taylor
Ted Tenk
Chris Thompson
Alan Vance
Melissa Viloria
Katie Walker
Anna Lee Waterkotte
Margie Welper
Dustin West
Charles West
Pat Wheeler
Carolyn Wheelock
Elizabeth White
Tonya Wiseman
John Wittler
Gretchen Wolfmeyer

So what's next? Everyone on this list is invited to Barney's Tavern on June 29 to play some fun games and compete for the grand prize (don't worry, there's nothing difficult or embarrassing). You're more than welcome to bring a guest to cheer you on but you MUST be there by 6:00 pm. Food will be provided courtesy of Riverside Smoke House. Keep an eye on your e-mail as someone from our office will be reaching out with further instructions. If you don't receive one by end of day June 23, please reach out to us at and we'll get you squared away.

And if you see a name on this list that you recognize, make sure they see this!

For official rules and details, CLICK HERE.

Erin Perry won the big trip last year...this year it could be you!!