Wow. It does not seem possible. Forty-five years of food, fun and pigs. The pig is king at the 45th annual Pittsfield Pig Days.

Forty-Five years of great food and great memories. For as long as I can remember Pig Days has been a part of my life. Growning up in Pittsfield was great. My mom still lives there. And one of the big things to do in the summertime in Pittsfield is to go to the big Pig Days celebration.

Pike County, Illinois is huge when it comes to pork production. Pike County has always been in the top 10 nationwide when it comes to pork production. I used to work on a farm south of Pittsfield and  the pigs were everywhere. I watched the pigs being born all the way to seeing bacon on the table. You could say a part of me will always love a pig.

Also this weekend is the big class of '73 reunion so double the celebration in Pittsfield. All hail the pig, the pig is king!

Now I am really really hungry.