If you watched last weekend's Denver-San Diego football game you had to have noticed Bronco Quarterback Peyton Manning dancing around behind the downed Bronco offensive line.  As part of his doing that he would call out the plays and signals to snap the football and quite often he would yell out "Omaha" as part of the process. Well, his doing that has given the City of Omaha, Nebraska a little more publicity recently and the Economic Development Office in Omaha is jumping on the opportunity.  They have developed a TV promotion based on Manning's utterance of "Omaha" during last Sunday's game.

Plus, the business community has now come together to collectively donate $600 to Peyton Manning's personal non-profit organization for each time Manning says Omaha this Sunday when the Broncos host the new England Patriots. By the way according to an article on the website of KETV in Omaha Manning used "Omaha" 44 times in the game.

Perhaps the economic development people around here need to contact the Bears, Chiefs or Rams Quarterbacks and see if they can incorporate "Hannibal or Quincy" in their cadence next season.  Omaha has their quarterback and we need to find ours.