It's a day every woman dreams about: the day they get proposed to. I was anxiously waiting for the day to come when my future husband would pop the question. 

Getting proposed to was one of the best moments in my life. After nine months of dating and being set up on a blind date, my husband asked me to be his wife and I said yes. Almost 14 years and two beautiful children later, I still think of that day that changed my life.

We all hope for that perfect proposal, but sometimes they don't work out as planned.

Case in point, I found this video over the weekend of a man proposing to his girlfriend by a fountain. Little did the man know, her son was about to steal the moment.

I mean when you have to go you have to go, am I right? I am sure it will be one to remember and when their big day gets here, hopefully the little guy can make it through the ceremony and least until after the kiss.