I was looking through a magazine the other day and I saw "Nothing Good Comes From a  But."


That got my attention, so I kept reading and saw that the article is about the path to happiness. The author is Michael Malkush, a father of two who taught high school for 30 years. He noticed that his students were constantly coming up with excuses about why they hadn't accomplished something. The excuses usually included a "but," such as.."but my locker jammed" or "but my iguana ate my homework!"

Malkush's mission is to help others stop being a butt head and take control of their goals.

In his book, there are funny stories about 5 types of buts that are holding you back, and why some buts are bigger than others. It is all about living a happy life. No if's, and's or but's.

To find out more visit the web site at www.nothinggoodcomesfromabut.com.