After a weekend of constant reviews of plays and perhaps the outcomes of two different games in the balance made by bad calls, it’s time for the National Football League to get a deal worked out with the locked out referees.

I was watching the Monday Night football game after the St. Louis Cardinal baseball game concluded last night.  I made it to the midway point of the 4th quarter and fell asleep with the Packers leading the Seahawks.  When I awoke this morning I found out the game ended with controversy.  In watching the replay on the final play of the game I would have to say the Packers were the victims of a bad call by the “replacement" referees.

The call of a touchdown for Seattle and no interception by the Packers prompted thousands of tweets regarding the sub-par officiating in the NFL. According to a website report from ESPN, that call alone caused a shift of between $150 to $250 million dollars in betting payouts.

It’s easy to say that this area is populated with Rams, Bears and Chiefs fans but beyond that I would have to say the Packers and the Cowboys would follow.  That means there are plenty of “local” Packer fans who felt they were robbed last night.

Next week will mark one-quarter of the season played.  How much longer will this go on?  The game deserves better than that and so do the fans.