In the past 8 months this area has lost four different restaurants due to fires. Sprouts, Pear Tree, Bailey House and now O'Sheas have all dealt with the disaster of fires closing their businesses. You can add Pop's Pizza to that list, although they were able to re-open very quickly.

Kurt Parsons

This all began with Sprouts Restaurant going up in flames back on June 14. In Camp Point, the Bailey House endured fire damage on Sunday, October 28. The Pear Tree Restaurant in Bevier, Missouri was totally loss in a blaze on November 29 and then last Friday,February 8, O'Shea's suffered fire and water damage and was forced to close.

For people who are regular customers for these dining establishments, the feeling of being like a nomad sets in.  You are set in your ways and all of a sudden, your routine is totally turned over.

Hopefully, all four of these restaurants will be up and going in the near future. In the meanwhile, it does give people a chance to try someplace different.