In Time Magazine's May 14th edition a story appeared regarding advertising on and in school buses. It is a time that has arrived in many locations around the country but not yet in Quincy. Let's face it all school districts are in desperate financial condition and here is a chance to raise some revenue and perhaps keep you from paying to have your child transported to and from school each day. The more I read about the plight of schools these days the more I keep hearing that they may have to charge students to ride the bus to offset the transportation costs. We have all complained about the cost of operating our own cars in recent weeks due to the increase in gas prices over last year. Well, think of what it takes to run school buses. So when an idea comes up about advertising on the sides of the buses or on the inside as well it is something the Quincy School District and others will need to take a look at. Don't be surprised if that yellow school bus has multiple colors on it soon with advertising from front to back or a sign that says, "This bus is sponsored by Y101". That day is coming sooner than you think.