Forty-three years is a long time to do something, especially when you do it well for all those years.  Such is the case with Jack Mackenzie.  Jack Mackenzie announced his retirement as head coach of the Quincy University Soccer Hawks yesterday at a news conference on the Q.U. Campus.  After 516 career victories, the 10th highest in NCAA history, and 9 N.A.I.A. Championships, Mackenzie decided to “let somebody else have the great opportunities that I’ve had”*.  That somebody is Mike Carpenter, Mackenzie’s assistant for the last nine years. Talk about big shoes to fill.

Having broadcast sporting events for years, mostly football and basketball at Quincy College and now Quincy University, I have had the opportunity to be around the Q.C. and QU coaches including Coach Mackenzie.  Every time Mackenzie’s name would come up words like respect, knowledgeable, competitive, and genuine concern for his players would be used. Unfortunately, I didn’t broadcast soccer so I wasn’t as close to Coach Mackenzie as I would have liked to have been.  When I first came to Quincy, my old broadcast partner Bill Schelen was handling the soccer play-by-play and he told me about the success of the soccer program at Quincy College and he credited it to Jack Mackenzie. I found it ironic that when Jack Mackenzie made his retirement announcement he made it in the Quincy University Hall of Fame Room.  It’s a room he belongs in. Thanks Jack for a great run!

* Quote :Courtesy of the Quincy Herald Whig