Anyone who has known me has heard the same old thing from me for years, newspapers should not endorse anyone in an election. Same thing for Radio and TV stations.

The media is supposed to be in the business to tell both sides of the story and then leave it alone.  Let the reader/listener/viewer make their own mind up. First of all, I consider myself smarter than that to allow a media outlet to sway my decision. It is almost an insult to me that a local media outlet would even think that their opinion could sway my vote. The newspaper, TV or radio has NO place in "suggesting" who people should vote for. Tell the candidate's story and let me decide.

It's even funnier when you think about all the money spent in the paper, on TV and radio by a candidate and then his or her opponent is endorsed by that media outlet. Wow, how can you do that?  "Thanks for spending with us but we are going with the other guy".  Media endorsements need to go away!