Students from nine Missouri high schools will participate in a mock DWI crash during the Team Spirit Youth Traffic Safety Leadership Training Conference in Columbia, Missouri going on now through Saturday.

Students from nine high schools, Laquey, Northwest-Cedar Hill, St. Elizabeth, Sheldon, Cabool, Smith-Cotton, Blair Oaks, Nevada, and Marion County High Schools will be participating Mock DWI Crash to be held tomorrow at 10:45 a.m. at Stoney Creek Inn, at Columbia. Why?  Well from 2010-2012, there were 65 fatal crashes and 236 disabling injury crashes involving an impaired driver under age 21. There were 77 people killed and 370 seriously injured in these crashes.

Team Spirit, a statewide program sponsored by the Missouri Department of Transportation and Cape Girardeau Police Department's Safe Communities Program, is committed to empowering youth to promote safe driving habits while preventing underage drinking, drinking and driving, driver inattention and promoting seat belt usage.

After an initial training session, Team Spirit youth create and implement action plans for school and community activities in an effort to reduce unsafe driving habits and the death and serious injury resulting from traffic crashes.

Team Spirit is available to all schools in Missouri. For more information about how your school can become involved in this program call 1-800-800-BELT (2358).