The McClean family is known for running some of Quincy's most popular restaurants. And it looks like they might be ready to open one more. That's the good news. The bad news? It won't be for another two years.

According to WGEM, the new restaurant and micro-brewery will be located at 48th & State (the location of the old Deter's Dairy building) and will be ready to open in couple of years. Gabe McClean is still deciding on a menu and other details and doesn't plan to tear down the current building, but just renovate it.

Plans are still in the early stages, and we'll keep you updated as details are released.

I for one could not be happier about the new development. There really aren't too many restaurants on the east end of Quincy, so this will be a good fit for the area. And if it's as good as the other McClean restaurants, then you know people will love it. I am always excited for new restaurants to open and I hope there are more announcements like this to come for the Quincy and Hannibal area.