Thank God the Presidential campaign has finally come to an end and we have a winner and a loser. So basically half the nation is happy that Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton and the other half is not. Now the real fun begins in trying to unite a divided country. If people are true to their word, we will have less people to unite in that they made the bold statement that they were "going to leave the country" if their candidate didn't win.  I am not sure I can unite all Americans, but I can assist those fleeing the land of the red white and blue.

If you are packing your bags into your car today readying yourself to say your goodbyes, here are some helpful hints for your trip. If you are heading north to Canada your trip will cover 698 miles from Quincy to the Canadian Border.  If you are leaving the good 'ol USA and heading south to Mexico be prepared to cover 1072 miles. That would be if you head to the closest border town to Quincy in Del Rio, Texas.

Remember, if you do head south to Mexico, you should have no problem getting in but if you want to come back to visit in the future you might have to deal with a wall. But then you already knew that!