Good news for Jonas Brothers fans! The JoBros are finally finished with their comeback record, and they have a trajectory set for its release: this fall!

There were a lot of twists and turns leading up to the record's completion, and some of those came from unexpected influences.

"In the past we used influences that inspired us -- the Beatles, the Jackson 5, things like that," Kevin Jonas told Billboard. "This time around we used influences that were happening for us now, new music, things that were getting us inspired to get in the studio and write. We really listen to a lot of Frank Ocean, Miguel, Calvin Harris, artists that were doing something unique in the moment we were writing this album. It really adapted to the way we were thinking and where we were at. We were just trying to be who we were and who we are, and I think that (music) really helped."

Kevin revealed that the band wrote between 50 and 60 tracks for the new album, and their current single, 'The First Time,' was actually one of the first to be conjured up. "We came back together and wrote that song and then everything changed. We were like, 'Right now we know what we're looking to do. Things are a little bit different,' and the focus, the album, all of it changed and it really triggered some forward progress."

And what about the Miley Cyrus inspired 'Wedding Bells?' "It's a thinker," Kevin admitted. "If you know our past at all, know my brothers' past, especially, it was a very honest song in the moment. You have to write what you're feeling. It doesn't mean you're always gonna feel that way; just like anything in life, it's just at that moment you're feeling a certain way so you write it, and definitely thinks change."

As for the record as a whole, Kevin made some big promises that we think they'll be able to fulfill: It's just going to be a good time!

He described the album as "a big Jonas production as always, but in a different way. We're rally gonna focus on the music and the aesthetic and the feel. It'll be much more of a party than things were, even in the past."