Last week we crowned a new NCAA Basketball Champion in the Villanova Wildcats thus bringing an end to another season of college basketball.

In watching several of the games and listening to the pre-game and post-game shows, reference was made to the one and out players, the players who will play one year and opt out for a professional career elsewhere.

This led me to think about college athletics. Are these athletes getting an education or are they just auditioning for the NBA? How many really go to class?

Perhaps it is time that a team grade point average should be posted on TV with each team when they play a game. Colleges and Universities all get a nice TV payday to have their games on television.  Maybe the day has come if your team Grade Point Average (GPA) is below a certain mark, say 2.0, your team is prohibited from being on TV.

Once colleges and Universities see a loss in dollars from TV, then they just might take academics seriously for their athletes. It would force coaches to recruit high school players that are very good athletes and even better students for scholarships.

The days of selecting a kid who is great on the court and lousy in the classroom needs to end. Winning a national title should mean more with a team GPA above 2 than a team GPA under 2. Remember, colleges and universities are institutions of higher learning not better dribbling.