The year is 2016, yet there are still plenty of things that we use that have not caught up to the times. Let me give you an example of a few of these.

The blender…..Why is it, when you turn on a blender it sounds like a B-52 Bomber is starting up its engines in your house.  There is no way you can hold a conversation. It’s 2016. Can’t we make a blender that makes noise like its name..a blending of volume and not a roar?

Another item is the traffic light.  How many years have we heard about people trying to beat the light as it turns yellow.  Consequently, how many accidents have occurred as a result of these people?  This has been going on forever.  It’s 2016. Why not develop a system where once the light goes from green to yellow to red that the other lanes remain red for a five second time period?  That way no one is moving through an intersection for at least 5 seconds before the green light comes on. That should stop a few accidents at intersections.

The next antiquated item is the NFL’s wonderful 10 yard chain. A guy gets tackled during the game.  The ball is placed down and they bring out a 10 yard chain and measure to see if it is a first down. They run that chain out from the sideline and place it down where they think it should be and then measure. Oh it’s an inch short! Are the sure they placed it down properly?  I doubt it.  It’s 2016.  What’s wrong with using a laser beam from one chain to the other on each side of the field to determine a first down?

Lastly, the airport scanning system. The last time I flew I totally forgot about carrying on liquids, in this case my cologne. I was carrying on my luggage and they saw the bottle of cologne. They told me they would have to keep the cologne if I wanted to carry the bag on the plane. Well, that cologne cost more than my flight did that day. So I decided to check my bag instead that day.

The TSA agent who wanded me and checked my shoes and belongings in the bucket escorted me to the Check baggage counter where they took my bag with cologne in it. I then walked back to the TSA area with the same TSA agent who then told me I would have to take my shoes off again and get back in line to be re-wanded. This TSA agent never left my side during the entire process. It is 2016.  They can body scan everyone but they can’t wand shoes?

People, it’s time.  It’s 2016. Let’s catch up with the year!