Ok, there comes a time when debate is necessary and that time has come. I was listening to a conversation regarding the age old question of which way the roll of toilet paper should  go on the roller. I remember having this conversation on the air when I did a talk show years ago and I took a complete hour of calls with people's opinion on the subject.  

Now I prefer that the paper lays over the front of the roll and you just pull the roll downward.  Others would rather the paper hangs from the back of the roll. My reasoning is that I don't have to reach under the roll to find the dangling piece if you do it my way. The other way, the roll actually blocks your vision as to just where that dangling piece is.

Now I know there are much more pressing problems to deal with in 2016 but can we finally just agree that I am right and move on?  How many more years are we going to have this debate of front or back.  Lets just be glad that we have the paper there in the first place.