Have you ever wanted to know what Bruce Banner's lab looks like, or build something at Stark Industries? Well, here's your chance to experience that and more with Avenger's Camp April 13th.

St. James Lutheran School will be hosting Avenger's Camp so you can get a feel of what our favorite superheroes do when they are not saving the world. Children ages 4 - 13 (and guardian) are invited to go to the camp for the day and be an Avenger.

Build a circuit in Stark Industry, learn about microwaves and pigment in Banner's lab, train like Black Widow with Quincy Taekwonda, draw your own superhero with the Quincy Art Center, and more. There will be games, door prizes and refreshments from the Yum Factory.

Cost for Avenger's Camp is $10 per child with a guardian, and if you provide child's first name and last initial they will have a personalized badge at entry. Sign up for Avenger's camp and watch your child transfer into a superhero.