September 11 will mark 14 years since our nation was attacked. Since that time we have increased our security immensely including the banning of firearms on planes at airports all across this nation. So when I read a report that the Transportation Security Administration, better known as the TSA, confiscated a record 2,200 guns at airports in America in 2014 I had to ask the question. Who would be dumb enough to bring a gun with them to an airport in this day and age? Have they placed their head in the sand for 14 years?

You will be glad to know according to Jarred Hester, the Airport Manager at Quincy Regional Airport, there were no guns confiscated by TSA officials in 2014.

Nationally, in addition to the 2,200 plus guns found, the TSA actually confiscated flash and smoke grenades, knives, drugs, and stun guns. It even found an 8-inch knife hidden in an enchilada.

The Agency said confiscations of guns, found routinely in people’s luggage, were up 22 percent compared to the previous year (2013). Leading the way was Atlanta's Airport where 46 guns were confiscated last year.  Here are the top fifteen airports where guns (in parentheses) were confiscated by the TSA in 2014.

1. Atlanta (46)

2. Phoenix (36)

3.Tampa (29)

4. Houston (George Bush) (28)

5.Denver (24)

6. Dallas (23)

7.San Antonio (22)

8. Austin, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston (Hobby) and Kansas City (21)

9. Charlotte, Orlando and Seattle-Tacoma (20)

10. Portland (18)