Western Illinois Dream Factory needs your help to make a little girl's dream come true.

Western Illinois Dream Factory's mission is to grant dreams to the critically and chronically ill children of the Quincy area. So when they made a post urging the community to help with their latest mission, I just had to share it.

Posted on their Facebook page, Western Illinois Dream Factory told us a story about seven-year-old Lilli. Lilli suffers from immunodeficiency and is taking chemo to stop her body from attacking itself. The family's home had a fire and her room, as a result, was never completed. As her wish, Lilli is wanting a bedroom makeover.

Lilli could've asked for anything; meet a famous person, visit Disney World, anything. But all she wants is a new bedroom. So that's where the community comes in. Western Illinois Dream Factory is looking for items to make Lilli's room complete. Some of the items include some crafts for her desk to keep her busy, a laptop, printer, and CD player. They're also envisioning a reading nook that looks like a princess tower along with a TV and DVD player so she can sit back and watch a movie.

In terms of building materials, they are looking for installation and construction volunteers and they've set up a wish list at Home Depot for various hardware and room furnishing items.

If you would like to help Lilli's dream come true, there is a registry that has been set up if you would like to purchase anything. You can have your item shipped or dropped off at Farlow Real Estate Experts (located right by Walmart).

Quincy comes together for those in need, and all this little girl wants is a place to reset, relax, and get her treatments. Let's make Lilli's dream come true.