In my wildest dreams I would never have thought that I would be fortunate enough to even meet St. Louis Cardinal Broadcaster Mike Shannon, no less call him my friend. But as fate would have it, we have become friends. You won’t find a better guy than Mike. He’s smart, funny, a great baseball man and most of all compassionate. Tomorrow will mark the 79th birthday for Mike. If you have listened to St. Louis Cardinal Baseball since 1962, you have heard about him playing for the Redbirds or have heard him broadcasting the Cardinal games. Throughout those years he has made many friends and I am glad to be one of them.

As he celebrates his birthday this weekend, I know he feels a void in that one of his best friends will not be with him for his birthday this year in Red Schoendienst. Red passed away a few weeks ago on June 6. Mike and Red were the best of friends for years. Even when Red was in his 90’s, Mike would take Red duck hunting in Southern Illinois.

Oh, the stories those two could tell. I’m sure there were a few Mike Shannon birthday stories that Red could have told if he were still with us. Maybe, I can pry are few out of Mike the next time I see him.

One thing for sure, you will see Mike returning to Quincy soon and you can bet he’ll make a stop to visit the veterans at the Illinois Veteran’s Home. He has a big heart for the residents at the home and they love seeing him too (even the Cubs fans).

Here’s to a great birthday Mike and many more to come.