This is a great weekend in the Tri-States to teach children about how to fish and have fun. This weekend is Free Fishing Days, which means you don't have to have a license to fish. In Illinois and Iowa the dates are June 5 through June 8. In Missouri, Free Fishing Days are June 6 - 8.

 Be sure to check the links we included in this article, as there are a few fine points that you might need to address. For example, in Iowa, free fishing is for state residents, only.

As part of this weekend, the Quincy Park District will host its annual Fishing Rodeo on Saturday. It's a free event, and awards will be presented. Registration is at noon, fishing is from 1-2:45.

The Big Dog and I went out this morning to celebrate Free Fishing Days. As usual, he caught all the fish, and I caught nothing. We videoed The Big Dog catching his first "monster" fish of the day, which you can see below. At the end of our fishing trip, the final score was Big Dog 3 - Dennis Oliver 0.