If you have listened to the Y101 Morning Show over the years you probably know that on Free Fishing Days Dennis Oliver and I would go out and fish live on the air.  Sometimes we were at the Mississippi River and other times at ponds and lakes in the area. Over the years I have caught a few fish during our live broadcast times, but Mr. Oliver has never caught a fish with me during those times or even during the off-air times. Not one fish has ever been harvested by him over a 20 or so on and off years of fishing with me.

So with that in mind, the last time we did the "live" fishing thing about five years ago, I made sure he caught a fish. He drove the station van to Moorman Lake, the site of this Saturday's Fishing Rodeo, and I was already there with two poles with lines cast into the water.

One was mine and the other was for Dennis. Mine had a worm on it and his was resting beneath the water on the bottom of the lake.  Once he was set to join me we talked a bit and then it happened. I turned to him and said he "had a bite". With all kinds of excitement he began to reel in his catch. He turned that handle on the reel as fast as he could and as it came out of the water there it was in all its glory. A yellow mesh bag with a can of tuna fish inside it. I finally got to witness him catch some fish.

It's a laugh and a memory we share every year. You too can share or make new memories during Free Fishing Days in Illinois.  In Illinois you can fish without a license from Friday, June 17 through Monday, June 20.

So grab that old rod and reel you haven't touched in years and take you kids or grand- kids fishing to the Fishing Rodeo this weekend. The Quincy Park District and Townsquare Media (Y101/KICK-FM/KICK-AM/KHMO) are presenting the free ‘Fishing Rodeo’ at Moorman Park Lake and all ages are welcomed. It starts with registration at 12:30 p.m. Saturday and fishing from 1:00 to 2:45 at Moorman Park, the site of Dennis Oliver's "catch". Prizes will be awarded.

I guarantee you will make some memories.