The Quincy Exchange Club held the first of two installments of the Character Champions awards presentations last Friday at Stoney Creek Inn. The Character Champions program is designed to help coaches turn individual athletes into highly effective teams demonstrating sportsmanship and character. I had the opportunity to present the honorees a beautiful plaque from the Quincy Exchange Club.  The winners were:

Dwyer Kelly, a senior from Southeastern High School (Parents: Mark and Lisa Kelly) and Lauren Glick, an 8th grader from Southeastern Jr. High (Parents: Lane and Christy Glick).  They were introduced by Todd Fox, Principal and coach at Southeastern High School.

From Central High School, Erin Flesner a senior (Parents: John and Mary Kay Flesner) and Hayden Neisen of Central Jr. High (Parents: Dion and Shelly Neisen). They were introduced by Athletic Director Matt Long.

Representing Quincy Notre Dame High School was Shelby Ulrich a senior (Parents: Randy and Nancy Ulrich).  Eric Orne, Assistant Athletic Director at QND handled her introduction.

And from Mendon Unity High School, Alex Blickhan a senior (Parents: Susan and David Blickhan). Athletic Director Christina Meyer presented the introduction.

This year marks the 10th year that the Exchange Club has bestowed this honor on student athletes in the area.