On Wednesday the news broke that the Quincy Park District was going to develop a new park on the sight of the new Quincy Park District offices on Bonansinga Drive in Quincy. With the new park comes word that the Park District would like for the public to have input into the naming of the park. I am sure there are plenty of names that will be forthcoming as ideas but a friend mine suggested El Tappe Park. To which I say, "public input over".


Can there be any better person than the late Elvin "El" Tappe? The Tappe name is a long standing name in the Quincy area and Elvin's name is known locally, and all over the country, thanks to his managing and playing days with the Chicago Cubs.

El was a catcher by trade but really became known in 1961 by becoming one of three coaches who rotated being manager that year.  Elvin managed a bulk of the games, 95 to be precise that year.He played for the Cubs from 1954 to 1962. After that he became a coach and a scout for the organization.

His twin brother Melvin, who has a field named for him at the YMCA, also pitched in the minor leagues and the two of them broadcast sporting events on WTAD radio for years before giving it up in 1978 which believe it or not opened the door for another broadcaster to walk through.  That broadcaster's name was Jeff Dorsey.  I became friends with both Mel and El until they passed away.

The Tappe's continued in the sporting world after baseball, opening a sporting goods store in Quincy after their playing days ended.The Tappe family has been instrumental in sporting events in the Quincy area for years. If it had to do with sports and recreation, the Tappe's were involved in some way shape or form.

I could think of no one better to have a new park named after them than the name of Elvin "El" Tappe.  El Tappe Park.  It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?