Being a single person, I tend to eat out more than the average American does. So when I saw a report from ABC News regarding the 10 most germ filled places in a restaurant my interest was peaked.

Mario Tama, Getty Images

This information especially comes at a good time since we are now into the flu season as well and the importance of being germ free is paramount.  ABC News Consumer Correspondent Elisabeth Leamy’s report, along with the assistance of the New York University Microbiology Department Laboratory showed that the seats people sit in contain the most germs in a restaurant.

Leamy took swabs from 10 different surfaces to have them analyzed by N.Y.U. to come up with her findings.  Second on that list were menus with lemon wedges coming in third.  Basically, there is a theme here of anything you touch plan on germs being there waited for you. Hand sanitizer sounds like a good gift for Christmas. The complete list is below.

  1. Seats
  2. Menus
  3. Lemon Wedges
  4. Salt and Pepper Shakers
  5. Tables
  6. Rims of Glasses
  7. Bathroom Door Knobs
  8. Bathroom Faucets
  9. Ketchup Bottles
  10. Salad Bar Tongs