They say if you are going to dream, dream big. When it comes to Quincy, there are several things I’d love to see happen in this beautiful Gem City. Some are achievable, some are way out there, and some will never happen. But a guy can dream, can’t he? From restaurants to entertainment here are six things on my personal Quincy dream list:

Kurt Parsons

1)      White Castle. Any place where I can order 6 cheeseburgers and still crave more is all right by me. The slider chain seems to be only in “big” cities, however, so this dream may not happen. White Castles seem to be like our own Maid Rites – you either love them or hate them.  When you crave them you have to have them. As I write this, I’m seriously considering driving to Wentzville just to satisfy that craving. I picture a White Castle in Quincy at 24th and Broadway, right in the middle of town, shaving valuable minutes off the commute from all directions in Quincy.

2)      Hooters. We have Tilted Kilt now, why not Hooters? The only reason I want a Hooters is because the breaded wings are fantastic. Honest. Man up and try a Three Mile Island. Just be sure to have a gallon of water to go along with that draft beer. Hooters would fit in perfectly on the riverfront or in the old Krieger’s or TGI Friday’s at the mall.

3)      An indoor ice skating rink. Just small enough for the community to use for leisurely entertainment but big enough for touring ice shows and – since we’re dreaming big here – a minor league hockey team. Something that holds maybe 2500-3500 people. I already can picture the Quincy Blue Monsters taking the ice. Yes, I’ve already named the team. The Monsters in reference to our famous MoMo the Monster sightings from the 1970s. The Blue … well I like blue and I like the St. Louis Blues. It’s that simple. In my dreams the new arena will be built on east Broadway, allowing easy access from the interstate.

4)      A basketball arena/concert hall. Perhaps in a bigger dream this can be combined with the skating rink but for now we’ll make it separate. This can be a place the community shares. Big time college and high school basketball tournaments can be played here. And concerts? Man, do we need an indoor place for concerts. This should hold about 8000-10,000 people and we’ll be hosting big name entertainment. People will drive from all around and they’ll come to Quincy to hear the music. East Broadway is the spot for this as well.

5)      And since I’m obviously big into sports let’s build a new baseball stadium while we’re at it. Let’s face it, QU Stadium is beautiful, quaint and the city and Quincy University have done a great job of sprucing it up. But it’s old. Have you used the restrooms in the bowels of that place? It’s like walking into a cave that happens to have a couple of urinals. I’m pretty sure there are bats (and I don’t mean the kind you hit a baseball with). There aren’t any locker rooms. All the makeup in the world can’t cover the ugliness inside this piece of Quincy history. Don’t get me wrong, I love QU Stadium but it’s time for a shiny a new baseball palace. And in my dreams, it’s going to be built in the lot between Quincy High School and Baldwin School.

6)      An even more beautiful riverfront. As a community, we’ve made strides. There are a few restaurants that do very well. Clat Adams Park is beautiful (when it’s not under water). But we need an entertainment complex down on the river. More restaurants, bars with outdoor entertainment, shops, condos. Make it all within walking distance.

Quincy is a great town, but even great towns can always improve. What would be on your dream list? What would you love to see come to Quincy?