At our house, we have two dogs. One is named Chance and the new doggie is Scooter. Together they are a handful, but when they are alone, these dogs are the sweetest ever. I think they really know more about what is going on at my house than I do.

One of our dogs likes to chew human underwear. Many Fruit of the Looms have been wasted at my house due to humans not picking up the underwear from the night before. I think these dogs get together during the night and have attack plans waiting.

Dogs eating my underwear, dogs eating my food, dogs looking for just the right place to pee. Sweet and lovable, but you have to watch them. Around the radio station we've been talking about things that dogs chew up. Underwear came to mind first, but also shoes, packages left on the porch by the mailman, and yes, even homework.

What are some of the funny (or annoying) things your dogs have chewed up? What are the best ways to get puppies to stop chewing on things?